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Tongol Joven and Associates Law & Communications or ToVen Law is your dependable partner in addressing a wide array of legal and communications concerns. Because of ToVen Law’s experience across different practices, we are able to advise clients on all strategic points.

ToVen Law is at the forefront of the cutting edge practice of law and communications consultancy in the Philippines. With an intensive background in strategic, corporate and crisis communication as well as public relations, ToVen Law is well-equipped to handle and advise you on how to effectively and strategically navigate the usually intertwined legal and communications issues — providing a more holistic approach to your problems and concerns. In doing so, the you can be assured that the firm’s partners, their associates, and staff will handle expertly with care and bravado the numerous concerns ranging from Civil and Criminal Litigation, Family Law, Property Law, Media and Entertainment Law, ICT Law, Tax Law, Intellectual Property Law and Corporate Law. ToVen Law guarantees ability to address your evolving strategic needs and to coordinate multiple practice areas to respond to those changing needs with the highest degree of responsiveness. ToVen Law is a proponent in the country of “Strategic Lawyering” which is thinking of the big picture and long-term strategies; not just a shapshot in litigation. This is especially important because ToVen Law acknowledges that in the business world, you want your lawyers to tell you what you can do more than what you can’t do. ToVen Law lawyers are trained to adeptly identify and implement unique and innovative solutions that help you meet and resolve your challenges.

As a boutique firm, ToVen Law is not a bulk practice firm and chooses its clients discriminately so as to assure a good partnership between you, as the client, and the Firm in addressing concerns. The Firm, however, boasts of having a more personalized relationship with you -our clients- knowing fully well your high-demands as a sophisticated or specialized client and always endeavoring to have a dynamic and lasting relationship with you. The Firm assures not only a meaningful, but more importantly, a valuable response to most of your legal and communications needs.

Nestled at the heart of the bustling Philippines’ entertainment capital, Quezon City, the full-service boutique law and communications firm is helmed by Atty. Reginald Tongol and Atty. Emil Karlo Joven.

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ToVen Law


We are a personally-committed and reliable team of quality results-driven legal practitioners of integrity, providing excellent, strategic, and holistic lawyering for our clients and the society.


Toven law, guided by our core values, is to be the premier law and communications firm providing valuable, relevant, timely services to the community by utilizing technology, human skills, intellect, and values not only in the traditional fields of practice of law, but also in the emerging entertainment, online communications, and creative industries.

Core Principles

ToVen Law believes in the following key principles in delivering quality service to you:

  • ● Engaging in strategic and reflective legal practice
  • ● Fostering an agile, courageous and integrated workplace culture
  • ● Setting meaningful strategic goals and pursue them purposefully
  • ● Building strong relationships with the client, community and government
  • ● Recognizing that post-mortem evaluation is essential

Our Team

ToVen Law
Atty. Reginald A. Tongol
Founding/Managing Partner
ToVen Law
Atty. Emil Karlo L. Joven
Founding Partner
ToVen Law
Atty. Maervic T. Tuvida
ToVen Law
Atty. Katerina C. Perez